EEM Lite – Easy email verification

EEM Lite - Easy email verification

Easy Email Verify is a PHP script that allows you to verify email addresses without any coding. After installation It will force every new user and all your existing users to verify their emails.It is very user friendly plus easy to integrate.The best thing about this script is its one line integration.Yes you just ned to add one single line of code to your page.You don’t have to edit your login/registration system.You can add this script to any page(like profile page or index page) and whenever your script call that that page will automatticaly starts detecting whether user is logged and further whether his email is verified or not.If his email is not verified then he will be redirected for email verification.

Proccess of email verification
1. The user enters in their email addresses.
2. It sill send an email with a link to confirm their email.
3. The user will click this link
4. Now user is directly at your homepage and logged in.He is now verified and can move free.

  • Customizable Link verification
  • SMTP integration
  • Automatic URL detect and redirect
  • XSS attack protecting function
  • Use MySQL database
  • Easy integratable
  • Automatically remove spams
  • Custom Javascript form validation (Not jQuery like)
  • Responsive design
  • Basic MAIL function(If you don’t want to use SMTP configuration)

Demo = EEM Lite – Easy email verification

Download =EEM Lite – Easy email verification