Usernoise modal contact / feedback form

Usernoise is a simple script for receiving a feedback using a modal window and involve users into discussion. You will receive an email notification every time someone leaves a feedback on your site, and will be able to answer by just clicking “reply” thus involving your visitors into dialogue. So, the workflow looks the next way:

  1. User visits your site and opens a window by clicking Feedback tab.
  2. Then fills the form and clicks “Submit”.
  3. A notification is sent to your email (gmail accounts are recommended, but other emails work fine too).
  4. You can click “reply” in your email client software to reply to the feedback sent.
  5. Voila! Your visitor will receive your email directly.

If you are running on WordPress and are looking for more powerful feedback solution, you may want to consider .



  • Reliable minimalistic design compatible with almost every site one can imagine. Responsive starting from 1.1
  • Minimal performance impact.
  • Spam-proof by design. Spam bots just do not see Usernoise form.
  • 4 feedback types out of the box
  • Highly customizable by editing a simple config file.
  • Translation – ready. All you need is to edit localization.php file.
  • Really simple to install – just upload, adjust config.php file and copy a simple piece of code into your HTML page.
  • You can hide the “Feedback” button create your own link to Usernoise window with the next simple piece of code: <a href="javascript:">My link<a>
  • Compatible with non-PHP sites (you still need to have PHP 5.2 installed in this case).
  • Defaults to Gmail email delivery to make configuration as simple as possible.
  • Starting from 1.1.3 – tracks the page feedback was sent from
  • Free support. Please note I only provide it for Gmail accounts.

Differences to Usernoise for WordPress

  • Usernoise for WordPress supports V5 sliding shade UI, while standalone Usernoise only supports a popup window (v4-style)
  • Standalone version does not have discussions UI or admin area.
  • Screenshot feature only works in WordPress-powered version.


None of us is perfect, neither I am. If you have any questions (especially before you buy), or experience any kind of issues – feel free to contact me using item discussion tab above, private messages or email me at karev.n at gmail dot com.


  • FTP client to upload and a code editor to edit config.php file.
  • PHP 5.2+ with json module installed on the server. 99% of web servers have it by default.
  • Gmail-based email account for quick & easy configuration. Other emails are OK too if you know your SMTP server options.I do not provide a tech support for non-gmail mail accounts – because in most cases, the configuration is unknown and it is guessing game. It is much more reliable to stick to gmail or contact your mail service administrator for configuration.
  • NO database, no other modules.
  • Please note that Usernoise should be installed on the same domain your main site works on. Cross-domain installs are not supported.
  • If you’re going to use Usernoise with SMTP, please make sure you have all the SMTP details from your mail server administrator.

Gmail email validation

When setting this script up with Gmail-based email, please make sure to send your first feedback, then log into your Gmail account using the web interface and confirm that email was sent by you. Otherwise, email delivery may not work as expected.

Screenshot feature details

Screenshot feature in this plugin is implemented using html2canvas library and is in alpha state. Bug reports are welcome, but the support is not guaranteed.


Dear 1.0 and 1.0.1 users! I highly recommend to upgrade to 1.1. You’ll need to re-download the file, re-upload it, and change windowUrl value inside the code you inserted to your main site’s header. Please make sure you do not overwrite your config.php file. Thanks!

Demo = Usernoise modal contact / feedback form

Download =Usernoise modal contact / feedback form