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I finally made it, the HUD project you’ve been waiting for:

The HUD Interface Construction Kit

It’s a comprehensive After Effects project with over 50 parts to build your own Future User Interface. It was designed to allow fast and complete building of satisfying user interfaces.

It contains 4 sample HUDs to get you started quickly. Everything is nicely animated and fully customizable, all elements are included as layer masks* so you can edit them if you need deeper customization. This also allows for lossless scaling.


  • 4 fully animated sample HUDs
  • 42 individual Elements, all with intro animation
  • 2 parametric number generators
  • 4 spherical content animations
  • 4 stylish grid overlays
  • 4 backgrounds

Following a strict 10px layout and a strong design direction all elements fit together efortlessly. Interface construction has never been easier.

The fonts used (“Iceland” and “New Horizons”) are freely available for download at Google Webfonts and

* Notes

  • The spherical content animations are included as PNG Quicktime movies with alpha-channel.
  • The music used in the preview-video is not included.
  • The 3D animated interface at the beginning of the preview video is not included. I created it with After Effects in minutes and you should be able to, as well.

Sample HUDs

HUD Elements

Download =HUD Interface Construction Kit