oobenn || Ultimate Instagram Style PHP Social Networking Platform

oobenn || Ultimate Instagram Style PHP Social Networking Platform
Download Free oobenn || Ultimate Instagram Style PHP Social Networking Platform (Nulled) [Latest Version]

Please Note:

Except for icons and some pictures, all features were made by me. No one shall be entitled to any claim.. I’m not making customization requests. I keep updating and improving oobenn .


Welcome to oobenn product page.

oobenn is a social networking platform with instagram interface. With features hosted in oobenn content is a unique script that can be used for multiple projects.You can enable or disable the parts that members use to share. For example, if you have a video sharing project, you will have a video sharing project if you activate the video sharing feature of oobenn and disable other fields.

10 different sharing features are available. More features are being added with updates.
  • The currently available sharing features are:
    • Text Sharing Feature
    • Image Sharing Feature
    • Video Sharing Feature
    • Music/Audio Sharing Feature
    • Link Sharing Feature
    • Filter Image Sharing Feature
    • Gif Sharing Feature
    • Location Sharing Feature
    • WaterMark Sharing Feature
    • BenchMark Sharing Feature
    • Product Sharing Feature
    • Before & After Image

It is manifested by the differences of oobenn which includes many features that I think will attract the serious project owners. oobenn is not a clone. It is a script that has been developed by developing some features of the most used social sharing platforms in the world. There are also some features that are not available anywhere. For example, the benchmark feature is an unused feature on popular social sites.

Continual value added free updates. oobenn continues our long standing tradition of updates with incredible new features & improvements.

oobenn has a ton of raving and real world features that give you power to build something great. I’ve highlighted some of oobenn features below! Don’t wait, BUY OOBENN and join your dream.


User Features :

  • News Feed (Following Friends Activity): displays messages posted by following users. Videos, images, audios, links, suggested pages and much more.
  • Profile Displays your user profile along with Events, photos, Videos, Areas of interest and much more.
  • Photos: View and show all the photos you share here
  • All Events: Users can see his own NewsFeed Videos, Photos, Links, Locations and much more…
  • Likes: for updates with latest profile images preview and total likes counter.
  • #hashtag in updates, comments, videos ect.
  • Trending Topics: Top 5 trending topics on NewsFeed page and Top 5 Trending Topics on #hashtag
  • Click Sounds When you click like button click sounds will apper like facebook.
  • Click Vibrate When you click like button click vibrate will apper like facebook
  • Block: When you block someone you do not like. The person you blocked can no longer view your shares.
  • Notifications Get notifications (red notification with bubble counter) from your following users when they: Like, Comment, friend request and Follows.
  • User Mention System User can tag his friend in any post or comment. It will give also a notification by tagget user friends.
  • Post Privacy:Everyone – Available to everyone, – Following – Available to following users, – Followers – Available just followers, – Just me – Only you can see
  • Report report messages, comments and profiles
  • Cover and profile images for user profile
  • Retina Display Ready Responsive Design
  • Filters Posts Events, locations, videos, links ect.
  • Friends suggestions
  • Change Langauge
  • Day / Night Mode like Twitter
  • Instagram Style Story
  • Badoo Style Interested
  • Tumblr Style User Hover Card
  • Tumblr Style Post Types
  • Online Friend List
  • How many friends see storyTotal display is calculated separately for each status update.
  • Edit Post
  • Disable / Enable comment
  • Fast answer Fast answer working like instagram story.
  • Sticker Sticker system working like facebook.
  • Whatsapp Style Text Edit User can change the text style like whatsapp. In this feature have tree type for text: Bold, italic and strikethrough text.
  • Welcome Page Templates After you buy the oobenn you can see there is tree template for wellcome theme. You can use which one you like. Also you can create a welcome page template for your project. It is very easy.
  • User can add Profile Background Audio
  • User can add Profile background image
  • PayPal Payment System
  • Advertising System
  • User Credit System
  • Gif System like facebook
  • Scroll to play video like instagram
  • Share video on story page
  • Share image on story page
  • Manage your stories
  • See how many user viewed your shared stories
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • User can buy Credit
  • User can create Advertisement
  • Admin can Create Advertisement
  • Per view advertisement
  • Per click advertise
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Self-Desctruction message like badoo
  • Send video, file, music and images on chat page.
  • See multiple image in nice popup slide show
  • Instagram style multiple image slider
  • Watermark System
  • BenchMark SystemThis feature is the first in the world
  • Image Crop System User can upload and crop AVATAR/COVER and Uploaded BenchMark images.
  • 12 BenchMark category
  • 18 Watermark bg Image (Admin can add more watermark bg using admin dashboard)
  • Users can edit/Customize their profile colors, backgorund image, background sound
  • Users can change profile font style with 51 different font.
  • Users can share his/her location.
  • Users can share gif using giphy API
  • User can Create Event
  • Event creator full manage his/her own Event
  • Tumbnail system
  • 5 Different Login & Register Page Template. More coming soon..
  • WhatsApp style Video Preview without changing the url. Support (12 big website) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, VideoJug, Blip, Screenr, SlideShare, flickr, funnyordie and devianart
  • Re-Share User can ReShare liked posts like tumblr
  • Unlike Post User can Unlike Posts
  • Weather
  • Post Text Translate like Facebook
  • Voice recording for comment
  • 6 Feeling Category and 111 Feeling Icon
  • 27 Product Category
  • Slider Advertisement system
  • Product Click Counter
  • Product Seen Counter
  • Menu and Icon system
  • Market Place Profile system. User can buy template for his/her business. Like tumblr blog template system.
  • and so much more feature. New features continue to be added every two weeks…
  • Live Streaming
  • Send email to 14 types of users
  • Live comments from Live Streaming
  • BitPay, IyziCo, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayStack, PayPal, RazorPay payment gateways
  • Chat sidebar like facebook
  • Point system, user can earn points from their: Posts, comments, likes ect.
  • Earnings table with graph
  • Donate posts system
  • Shopping Card System
  • Market Order
  • Announcements
  • In-Video advertise feature
  • In-Video advertise feature
  • … and so much more features
  • Admin/Features

  • User manage : Edit, delete user
  • Post magange : Edit , delete users posts.
  • All Site Statistic
  • Edit Langauge
  • Welcome templates
  • Website management
  • Manage features
  • Manage advertisements
  • Manage gifs
  • Manage Stickers
  • and so much more…


    • oobenn requires Apache Server, PHP 5.5+ and MySQL to run
    • Before install oobenn please make sure that PHP extensions (mysqli, mbstring, curl) & PHP library (GD) & PHP funcrions (allow_url_fopen() & mail()) & Apache extension (mod_rewrite) are enabled on your server
    • SSL certificate (only required if you enabled video chat)



     - [Fixed] 20+ CSS Bugs
     - [Added] Live Streaming (Agora.io)
     - [Improved] Improved Story feature
     - [Added] Video Tumbnail system
     - [Fixed] Payment Bug
     - [Added] Periscope Style Like(heart) system on Live Streaming
     - [Added] RealTime comment system for Live Streaming 
     - [Improved] Explore Page
     - [Added] New icons
     - [Added] New words(English and Turksh)
     - [Added] Manage order system
     - [Added] Send email to users with 14 types
        - Who did not login for a week
        - Who did not login for a Month
        - Who did not login for a 3 Month
        - Who did not login for a 6 Month
        - Who did not login for a 9 Month
        - Who did not login for a Year
        - Email Activated Users
        - Email Inactivted Users
        - All Users
        - Pro Users
        - Normal Users
        - Online Users
        - OffLine Users
        - Just send Test Email
     - [Added] Agora io systetm requirements from admin panel
     - [Fixed] 10+ PHP bugs from admin panel
     - [Fixed] Event cover bug
     - [Added] Users can change their username from settings page
     - [Added] The admin can now restrict users from sharing features.
     - [Added] Enable Disable social share buttons.   


     - [Fixed] 8+ CSS Bugs
     - [Added] Fake User Generator
     - [Added] Birthday reminder
     - [Added] Video autoplay control from admin panel.
     - [Added] Voice control from admin panel.
     - [Added] More currency for payment gateways (stripe, paystack, paypal, authorize.net, iyzico, bitpay, razorpay)
     - [Improved] Post controls 
     - [Added] Who can see feature
     - [Added] Nudity detector
     - [Added] Admin can enable/disable Markatplace
     - [Added] More SVG icons
     - [Fixed] Earning calculate bug
     - [Fixed] Youtube Tumbnail image bug  


     - [Fixed] Reported bug


     - [Fixed] 5+ Bugs
     - [Added] Gif Support from Cover and Profile Avatar
     - [Added] Video and Audio Call (Twilio API)
     - [Added] Edit/Delete City, Country and State (Admin Feature)
     - [Added] Scroll to Fixed sidebar
     - [Added] Chat/Online Friends Sidebar like Facebook


     - [Fixed] PHP Bugs
     - [Fixed] Installation Bug


    [Updated] - System Security
    [Updated] - System Optimized
    [Updated] - oobenn JS
    [Added] - Profile Visitors
    [Added] - Favourite Users
    [Added] - Shopping Cart
    [Added] - My Orders
    [Added] - Incoming Orders
    [Added] - Global Users
    [Added] - People NearBy
    [Added] - Your Favourite Users
    [Added] - Search Near You
    [Added] - Earnings
    [Added] - Market Earnings
    [Added] - Payouts
    [Added] - Withdrawals
    [Added] - Point System
    [Added] - Buyer Informations
    [Added] - Cargo Feature
    [Added] - Tracking Details
    [Added] - Payment Status for Marketplace
    [Added] - Customer answer after purchase
    [Added] - Payment system for Market product
    [Added] - the feature to measure the distance between the members
    [Added] - Pro System
    [Added] - Pro System Price Table
    [Added] - Pro members list 
    [Added] - Donate system like (Youtube)
    [Added] - Daily donated post
    [Added] - Monthly donate earning graph
    [Added] - Monthly Most sponsored post widget
    [Added] - Weekly Most sponsored post widget
    [Added] - Monthly Market Earning Graph
    [Added] - Payout system
    [Added] - Withdrawal system
    [Added] - Points to cash system
    [Added] - phone number (for market purchase)
    [Added] - Personal ID (for market purchase)
    [Added] - Post Code (for market purchase)
    [Added] - Full address (for market purchase)
    [Added] - All Country, City and State in the world
    [Added] - People Send a message feature
    [Added] - (Now user can download his/her profile information with 16 type)
    [Added] - Delete Account Feature
    [Added] - Profile Completion widget
    [Added] - Show/Hide last online feature
    [Added] - Advertisement in playing video like facebook.
    [Added] - show members between posts
    [Added] - show ads between posts
    [Added] - google ads between posts
    [Added] - show trending tags between posts
    [Added] - new post feature (Before After)
    [Added] - BitPay payment system
    [Added] - iyziCo payment system
    [Added] - Authorize.Net payment system
    [Added] - Stripe payment system
    [Added] - PayStacck payment system
    [Added] - PayPal payment system
    [Added] - RazorPay payment system
    [Added] - Comission System
    [Added] - fast question system for Product
    [Added] - new Menu from Explore Page now users can filter the post list with categories (Text posts, Images, Videos, Audios, Filters, Gifs, Watermarks, Which, Before After)
    [Added] - a button for posts, now user can share a post from everypage
    [Added] - a message count
    [Added] - notification count
    [Added] - user can create a online market place
    [Added] - the ability to add the product to the basket
    [Design] - changes were made in
    [Added] - a new SVG icons
    [Added] - a website tour system
    [Added] - emial verification system
    [Added] - new register and login template
    [Added] - Detailed search feature for pro users
    [Added] - see profile visitors for pro users
    [Added] - Let more people to see you for pro users
    [Added] - Crown for pro users
    [Added] - vefiried badge for pro users
    [Added] - who made you a favourite for pro users
    [Added] - show hide last seen for pro users
    [Added] - at the door payment for marketplace product purchase
    [Changed] - Marketplace Templates system template
    [Added] - OneSignal System
    [Added] - Enable/Disable OneSignal (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - OneSignal API Key (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Enable/Disable Email Verification (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Enable/Disable User select language (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Show some features between posts as the page scrolls down (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Enable/Disable Before After Post Feature (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Enable/Disable User customize profile feature (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Enable/Disable User change profile background image (Admin Panel)
    [Addded] - Enable/Disable profile background sound (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - add new Svg icon (Admin Panel)v
    [Added] - Edit categorised SVG icon (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Delete SVG icon (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - add new categoriesed SVG icon (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - payment method settings for paypal, iyzico, stripe, paystack , razorpay, authorize.net, bitpay (Admin Panel)
    [Redesigned] - User Management page (Admin Panel)
    [Added Manage Pro Users (Admin Panel)
    [Added] - Manage Verified Users (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Manaage Pro Earnings (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Total Earnings from 4 different currencies (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Monthly earnings cchart from pro members (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  pro system status (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable pro system (Admin Panel)
    [Addded] -  Create new pro package (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Edit pro package (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable pro package features (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable Sarch criteria for pro members (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  manage Point System (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable point system (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  How much point equal to one dolar (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Maximum number of points user can get per day (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable points (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  manage Earnings and Withdrawals (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  manage boots (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  theme earnings (Admin Panel)
    [Changed] -  the design in manage Language page (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Manage Pages (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  manage marketplace features (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disasble Search product (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable product category (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  Enable/Disable Advertisements slider (Admin Panel)
    [Added] -  add/Edit/Delete cargo
    [Fixed] -  CSS Bugs
    [Fixed] -  All Reported Bugs
    [Added] -  Website Tour
    [Added] -  Announcement system
    [Improved] - Speed 


    [Added] - Voice Record (from comment feature)
    [Added] - Text translate feature like Facebook (Yandex API)
    [Added] -  Added <strong>6 Feeling Category and 111 Feeling Icon</strong>
    [Improved] - Video Feature (No need FFMPEG for video tumbnial)
    [Added] - Admin can add, edit, delete feeling activities.
    [Improved] - Benchmark Feature
    [Improved] - Css codes
    [Improved] - Javascript codes
    [Added] - Dislike Count
    [Fixed] - Share feature bug
    [Improved] - Share feature
    [Improved] - Explore Page
    [Added] - Manage Feelings (Add, Edit, Delete) from admin panel
    [Added] - Manage Yandex Translate API from admin panel


    [Added] - Dislike Post Feature
    [Added] - Enable Disable Dislike Button from Admin Panel
    [Added] - Weather API
    [Added] - Enable Disable Weather API from Admin panel
    [Added] - Re-Share Post
    [Improved] - Improved BenchMark feature. Now user can see how many people Benched post.
    [Fixed] - Image Upload twice bug
    [Fixed] - 5+ Reported CSS Bugs.
    [Improved] - The script has been made much faster.
    [Improved] - Admin panel 
    [Improved] - Login & Register pages
    [Added] - Page PreLoading
    [Improved] - Ajax Requests


    [Added] - Registration Limit for every IP
    [Added] - Enable Disable Register from Admin Panel
    [Added] - WhatsApp style Video Preview without changing the url. Support (12 big website) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, VideoJug, Blip, Screenr, SlideShare, flickr, funnyordie and devianart
    [Added] - Admin can manage all post categories.
    [Added] - Advertisement code system. Admin can add advertisement code and manage the advertisement area like Enable/Disable. Header, right sidebar and between posts. 
    [Fixed] - Chat scroll bug.
    [Fixed] - Chat twice message bug.
    [Fixed] - 10+ CSS Bugs.
    [Improved] - The script has been made much faster.
    [Improved] - Admin panel
    [Added] - thumbnail system
    [Improved] - Installation system
    [Improved] - Login & Register pages


    - [Fixed] 5+ CSS Bugs
    - [Fixed] 8+ PHP Bug
    - [Improved] Php BenchMark feature
    - [Improved] Admin Panel
    - [Added] Event Feture
    Features of the EVENT feature
    - Event Creator can select a cover photo in 10+ ready cover like facebook
    - Event Creator can select a cover photo in 10+ ready cover like facebook
    - Event Creator can select event category in 25+ event category list.
    - Event Name
    - Event Description 
    - Event Start Date 
    - Event Time
    - Event End Date 
    - Event End Time 
    - Enable / Disable => Share event with friends after create 
    - Enable / Disable => Users can invite his/her friends to this event 
    - Enable / Disable => Guests can share something on event page. 
    Event Page feature
    - How many people are attending this event 
    - How many people are interested in this event. 
    - Invite your friends to this event 
    - Guests can share  Text 
    - Guests can share Image 
    - Guests can share Video 
    - Guests can share Music/Audio 
    - Guests can share Link
    - Guests can share Filter Image 
    - Guests can share Gif
    - Guests can share Location 
    - Guests can share WaterMark 
    - Guests can share BenchMark
    Event Admin feature
    - Event Creator can Change Event Cover (with crop feature) 
    - Event Creator can Enable / Disable user can invite their friends 
    - Event Creator can change event details
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow share event feature for his/her event 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Text feature 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Image 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Video 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Music/Audio 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Link 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Filter Image 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Gif 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Location 
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow WaterMark
    - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow BenchMark 
    - [Added] Upcoming Events Page with 25+ category slider
    - [Added] 25+ Event category
    - [Added] 10+ Event ready cover photo
    - Admin can add/delete event category
    - Admin can add/delete event ready to use cover photo
    - Admin can change script logo from admin panel
    - Admi can change mobile logo from admin panel.
    - [Improved] Notification Feature
    - [Added] New Language Wods
    - [Improved] htaccess Rules


     - [Fixed] CSS Bugs
     - [Added] Watermark System
     - [Added] BenchMark post System
     - [Improved] Languages 
     - [Improved] Php codes  
     - [Improved] Css codes
     - [Improved] Admin panel
     - [Improved] Profile Edit Feature
     - [Added] 18 Watermark background image  
     - [Added] 12 BenchMark category
     - [Added] Users can share emoji from the comments, posts, titles, profile info, chat everywhere. 
     - [Added] Image Crop System. Now users can crop their avatar and cover image.
     - [Added] Pretty URL
     - [Added] Copy Post URL link from share other social networking box. 
     - [Added] Now admin can select main language and also, The administrator can now allow or refuse members to select a language.
     - [Added] Admin can add new Watermark background image
     - [Added] Admin can edit all users profile details. 
     - [Added] Admi can change script type. The administrator can activate or disable the post features.


     - [Fixed] CSS Bugs
     - [Added] Share Location System
     - [Added] Gif Post system using Giphy API
     - [Improved] All icons  
     - [Improved] Php codes  
     - [Improved] Css codes
     - [Improved] Admin panel
     - [Improved] Profile Edit Feature
     - [Added] 51 Google Font for Profile Edit feature.  
     - [Added] Share post 14 Different social networking platform. (facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, vkontakte,reddit, linkedin, whatsapp, viber, digg, delicious, evernote, yahoo and gmail)
     - [Added] Google PushNotification API system.
     - [Added] Copy Post URL system 


     - [Fixed] Bugs
     - [Added] Scroll to play video like instgram
     - [Added] Self-Destruction message on chat feture
     - [Added] Video, image, audio and file send on chat feature
     - [Added] Admin can more manage script features.  
     -  It continues to be developed. 


     - [Fixed] Installation bug


     - [Fixed] SQL bug
     - [Added] php.ini file for better performance
     - [Fixed] 2 CSS bug fixed


     - [Fixed] Installation bug


    - [Added] Advertisement Module
    - [Added] User Manage Advertisement Module
    - [Added] Create Advertisement with many option
    - [Added] Gif module for comment
    - [Added] Show advertisement module between post
    - [Added] User can add profile background image
    - [Added] User can manage profile background image
    - [Added] User can add profile background sound
    - [Added] User can manage profile backgorund sound
    - [Added] Admin can approve/delete/edit/reject advertisements
    - [Added] Admin can create advertisement
    - [Added] Admin can manage Paypal module
    - [Added] Admin can edit Advertisement modules
    - [Added] Admin can add more Stickers
    - [Added] Admin can add more Gif(image)
    - [Fixed] Post bug
    - [Fixed] 5+ CSS bug
    - [Fixed] javascript bug
    - [Fixed] Ajax bug
    - [Improved] CSS
    - [Improved] Javascript
    - [Improved] Ajax
    - [Improved] PNG files
    - [Improved] PHP codes
    - [Added] More sql tables
    - [Fixed] Chat bug
    and mouch more


    - [Added] Sticker System Like facebook with 40+ sticker
    - [Added] Whatsapp style text edit . Bold, italic and strikethrough
    - [Added] Edit Post
    - [Added] Enable/Disable Comment
    - [Added] Online Friends
    - [Improved] Post System
    - [Improved] Admin Panel
    - [Improved] Mention system
    - [Fixed] 4 Css bug
    - [Improved] Javascript codes
    - [Improved] Online Installation page  
    - [Improved] Story update system


    - [Added] Who can see your stries
    - [Added] Mention system
    - [Added] Mention notification System
    - Notification System Upgrated
    - CSS is Upgrated
    - Javascript codes Upgrated
    - Comment system Upgrated
    - Added Mention system on comment feature
    - Added who can see your stories list like facebook

    Version 2.2

    - Fixed login and register
    - Improved radar
    - Improved translate
    - Improved Profile settings
    - Improved Profile Page
    - Improved Story system
    - Changed Stroy system style
    - Changed post system style
    - Added fast answer feature with 9 emaoji
    - Added user search feature with old searched people
    - Improved admin panel
    - Added stroies page 


    [Added] - Image Filter Effect (10+)
    [Added] - Installation System (The installation is 2 Minutes now)
    [Fixed] - 10+ bugs

    Previous updates were removed because the script was completely changed.

    All SVG icons included from: https://icons8.com/

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