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  • 31 Paint Splatters Luma Mattes
  • 7+ minutes of footage (10s, 15s and longer individual clip durations)
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • 30FPS
  • Natural Motion and Leaks

Professionally shot real paint splatter footage. This is Black and White luma matte type of video to use in different blending modes like ADD, Overlay, Screen etc. Perfect for use as decoration design elements, overlay textures or transitions, …

ATTENTION: This is black and white footage to use as luma mattes. If you need Alpha channel please make only two clicks – add “Set Channel” effect in After Effects and select “Take Alpha From” – “Luminosity”.

TIPS: To make it more funny and colorful like in preview image, add “Tint” effect and apply any color to White Map.

Big drops, small ink drops, blemishes, multi blemishes, expanding, filling, and etc

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