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Overview of RoverCRM

  • RoverCRM- Inventory & Project Management System with POS module is a stock/inventory management system that allows you to manage your customers, sales, purchases,control stock, invoices, take payments & many more.
  • Keep all your team’s tasks in one place. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. Whether you are running a small business or a big, it is the best solution where you can explore your inventory, purchases, sales & project management in one application.
  • User friendly, simple & responsive UI design – that will improve your business performance & make it more professional.
  • Manage stock control, make purchases, manage all your inventory products & custom products, currencies, taxes, expenses, bank account & transactions in one application, not on spreadsheets. It will save your time and you can explore it in new opprtunities.
  • POS module will help you to manage sales & inventory easily. It’s faster POS interface will save your time.

Demo Site info:

Admin Login:

username  : [email protected]
password   : 123456

Customer Login:

username   : [email protected]
passwrod    : 123456

Point of Sale Login:

username   : [email protected]
passwrod    : 123456


Key Features


Graphical overview of Invoices, Quotations, Expenses & Leads is represented on Dashboard. Total paid, due & overdue amount of Invoices is represented via Pie chart, Quotation converted to invoice or not- you can see the amount via a pie chart. Per month expenses cost with each category is represented via a graph. Projects, Tasks & Tickets summary are also present on dashboard.


You can easily manage customers, suppliers & team members through Relationship. Import multiple customers or suppliers via the Import CSV file. Keep track of your customers easily. Without admin verification customers can’t login to customer panel.


RoverCRM allows you to build simple & professional invoices. Create an easy invoice by adding items/products with different taxes (Inclusive & Exclusive method) & discounts. Make payment with Paypal or Bank account.


Add quotation from the sales module. Give your customers a rough overview of Prices, Discounts & more by generating detail quotation.

Purchase Order

Save time and ensure data accuracy when you create purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically. Create purchase order via selecting supplier. You can receive purchase order automatically or manually.


Record & receive payment with Paypal or Bank account with multiple currencies for Invoice & Purchase order.

POS (Point of Sale) Module

We have a simple POS module with this system that is fully interactive & user-friendly. Able to handle multiple bills, add customers & products, search product from POS. Able to make Purchase Order to Supplier & Invoice to Customer. Keep inventory organized with detail of products like category, subcategory, product prices. Inventory tracking through automatically updated stock level whenever sales and purchases are made. Profit calculation has been made based on discounts.

Stock Management

Manage your stock by enabling stock management that will affect your system inventory. If the stock is not available, you can’t create any invoices. The system will give an alert as notification when your warehouse or store item quantity reached lower.

Control your products through stock transfer/adjustments.

Stock Transfers: The stock transfer function is the process of moving the stock inventory from one location to another location.
Stock Adjustment: Stock adjustments are increases and decreases made to inventory to match an item’s actual on-hand quantity.

Multi Warehouse

Manage your inventory efficiently across multiple warehouses and locations all on a single platform..

Bank Accounts

Use this option to setup and configure your bank accounts. All accounts are used to reconsile customer payments and payments to Expenses.

Bank Account Deposits and Transfers

There are several ways to record deposits to accounts but the most efficient way in RoverCRM is through the Bank payment system. Deposits from customers, miscellaneous sales, etc. can be entered here. Transfer money from one bank account to another

Project Management

Create projects for customers or as a product or in house. Manage your project, create tasks & milestones in the project, add files or notes. You can assign team members to the project. You also can add invoices & tickets for each project.

Task Management

Create task based on project, customer & ticket. Select assignee for projects, you can assign yourself too. You also can add subtask from the checklist. Based on task status you can filter the task list.

Task Timer

You can track the time of each task using the task timer. You are able to add time manually by adding custom time. It will improve your shop or warehouse productivity, optimize projects overflow & help you to spend the right amount of effort on each task.

Support Ticket

A powerful ticket system can track the support request that your customer creates based on their status & priorities. You can assign a ticket to your team members.


You can keep track of your shop or warehouse expenses by this system expense module. Create expenses easily based on the expense category.


Manage your leads easily. Add leads by lead source & status. After creating leads convert it to customers if the customer gives any positive feedback.


Overview of all Invoices, Quotations, Purchase orders, Projects, Tasks & Events is on the calendar. Can view monthly, weekly & daily basis.

User Role & Permissions

As owner of this site you can add other user as admin providing permission to specific role.

Multilingual & RTL/LTR Supported

The system supports multiple languages. You can change website directions based on Right to Left or Left to right.

Email Templates & settings

To send mail we have dynamic email template which is changeable too. If you want you can change the template. It also supports multiple languages. We have two E-mail sending protocols. You can send email via SMTP and another one is default, send mail option.


Access and generate sales reports that offer accurate insights for better, more informed business decisions whenever and wherever, all in real time.

  • Inventory Stock on Hand Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Team Members Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Income Report
  • Income VS Expense Reports

Customer Area:

We have a separate customer panel where customer can view detail of Invoices, Quotations & Payments. Ticket module system is a powerful, fully integrated support ticket solution, providing real-time updates. Customer can create support ticket from customer panel after purchasing products.

Update ChangeLog

RoverCRM v-1.1 March 3, 2021

Bug Fixing: Resolved task modal file delete issue.
Bug Fixing: Resolved caching issue in language.
Bug Fixing: Resolved item category issue while creating new item.
Bug Fixing: Resolved the ticket filter wrong values issue.
Bug Fixing: Resolved customer registration verification mail issue.

New Feature: French is added as a new language.

Improvement: Updated the design of dark themes all over the project.
Improvement: Updated the design of the file previewer for the whole project.
Improvement: Refactor Stock Adjustment Js.
Improvement: Changed the purchase report design.
Improvement: Generated auto email & SMS template while creating the language.
Improvement: Sent mail to the assignees while changing the task status.
Improvement: Sent mail to the assignees while commenting on a task.
Improvement: Refactor redirection from item and item variants edit.
Improvement: Used variant item parent name in the card header.
Improvement: English and Default languages are not deletable.
Improvement: Default language made always active.
Improvement: Changed ticket list design.
Improvement: Changed customer list design.
Improvement: Improved the finance menu design.
Improvement: Changed timesheet list design.
Improvement: Improved the registration country field color.

Initial Release v-1.0 February 04, 2021

Initial Release

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