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STATISTICS THEME PACK 1 is a stand-alone After Effects template that uses the STATISTICS method of expression-based design to create infographics. There are 3 custom-made themes with 22 fully-animated graphs included. STATISTICS is built to be intuitive and flexible, and no prior knowledge of AE expressions is necessary.

Understanding the core concept of STATISTICS will enable you to expand the template graphs infinitely. Four components are included for your designs which use a ‘drag-and-drop’ philosophy. These 4 components are Bar Graphs, Circle Graphs, Line Graphs, and Pie Charts. The tutorials on the item page will further explain and should get you up and running in no time!




  • Part 1 – Using the Pie Chart component
  • Part 2 – Using the Circle Graph component
  • Part 3 – Using the Line Graph component
  • Part 4 – Using the Bar Graph component (Part 1 – Bar Graph)
  • Part 5 – Using the Bar Graph component (Part 2 – Cluster Bar Graph)
  • Demo – Creating Regular Bar Graphs
  • Demo – Creating Cluster and Stacked Bar Graphs
  • Demo – Pie Chart Creation and Variations


  • Expressions-Driven AE Graphs Template
  • Full HD – 1920×1080, 10+ Seconds
  • 3 Custom-Made Themes
  • 22 Fully-Animated Graphs, Includes: bar graph, stacked bar graph, cluster bar graph, circle graph, line graph, area graph, pie chart, segmented pie chart
  • Full tutorial series available on the item page
  • No Expressions Knowledge Required



  • Preview video not included
  • Music not included. You may purchase it here

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Download =Statistics Theme Pack 1