WordPress Login – email and social login

WordPress Login - email and social login

Download Free WordPress Login – email and social login (Nulled) [Latest Version]

Wow Login – WordPress plugin for easy login and registration of a user through a social network and email.

The Wow Login is the convenient WordPress plugin for secure registration and authorization on the site via various social networks or sending the link to the specified email. The extension provides users quick access to the personal cabinet and all the benefits of a web resource. It is an effective tool for the administrator, which allows you to create and expand the database of email addresses. It interacts with modern mailing services and makes it possible to export data in a convenient format.

Plugin advantages

The Wow Login plugin is easy to use and has flexible configuration. It allows you to get up-to-date information about new users, edit rights and restrictions for their accounts, update the database. Among the advantages of functional expansion:

  • convenient control panel and settings;
  • registration and authorization on the site via 4 social networks or email;
  • individual color selection for buttons and email input field;
  • detailed instructions to create and connect the API of each network for the administrator;
  • indication and detailed configuration of various information messages for output when a user sends email;
  • setting the default role for new users;
  • the ability to hide the admin bar and the “Login” button after authorization for individual roles;
  • editing the general style for the social button of the entrance;
  • adjustment of padding and margin between icon and text of the element;
  • adding borders and indicating the degree of rounding their corners;
  • setting the font size of the text and the social network logo;
  • disabling or selecting an option to display the icon – before or after the text;
  • external design of the data entry field when registering via email;
  • connection and automatic sending of a message to the resource administrator;
  • connection and automatic sending of a letter to the user after registration;
  • sending a message to the user when registering via an email address;
  • advanced editor to send messages and the ability to use template tags;
  • synchronization with 5 mailing platforms;
  • the ability to export the database in .csv and .xlsx formats for further use;
  • user redirection after registration to the landing page;
  • using shortcodes with settings on site pages or in posts.

Flexible customization of the buttons appearance and the field to input the email allows you to make the element visible to the web resource visitors. Besides insertion using a shortcode allows you to place it anywhere on the page.


Using the Wow Login plugin simplifies the process of registering on the site and logging into the account. The administrator is able to classify users by categories with the assignment of appropriate access levels to them. The extension offers the large selection of tools:

  • create bright buttons for registration and entry to the site via 4 popular social networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow the plugin’s recommendations and connect your API. Choose a unique color for the background, text, border, icon and backlight of each button;
  • set user alerts when registering on the site through an email. Use advanced editor functions to add and correct messages when interacting with the data entry field. Specify the text for the user if the registration was successful, an error occurred while sending the message, an incorrectly entered email address or a token;
  • flexible system of roles for authorized users. Set the role of the new registered user by default. Configure the visibility of the admin bar and the login button after authorization for each category manually;
  • general style settings for the social button. Set the padding, the margin between the icon and the name, the width of the border and the degree of rounding its corners, the size of the icon and the font of the text. Specify the features of displaying the element icon – hide its output, display after or before the button name;
  • customize the appearance of the email input field and the submit button. Edit the height and width of the elements, add a border, set the width for it and determine the degree of rounding its corners, set the font size. Select the color for the text to be entered, the border and the background of the field. Set the color for the background of the button and font, change the style of the item, when hovering the mouse;
  • add and configure automatic sending of a message to the site administrator. Specify the name of the recipient, the subject and the text of the letter. Enter the recipient’s email address in the special field. Use the multifunctional editor to design the message;
  • add and configure automatic sending of a message to the user after registration. Set the sender’s name and email address in the appropriate fields, add the subject and main content. Add to the letter various media files through an editor with advanced features, use available template tags;
  • configure the message when registering on the site via entering and sending an email address. Enter the name and mail of the recipient, the subject and content of the letter, add a link to complete the registration by the user;
  • integration of the plugin with 5 mail services. Use all the features of modern mailing services: MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, AWeber and SendinBlue. Synchronize the user database, track its relevance and frequency of updates;
  • add shortcodes to display the login button anywhere on the web page. Connect additional parameters for easy registration and authorization through social buttons on the site. Specify the required attribute “login” to select the input method. Via the “text” parameter set the name of the social button or a placeholder for the input field. Use “redirect” to redirect the user after authorizing the target page. The “button” parameter is used to add text to the login button by email;
  • built-in database of registered users. Track the addition of new users right in the control panel of the plugin, arrange the addresses according to the registration date. Copy and export the data in a convenient format.

When registering a new user via Wow Login, not only its current data is saved, but also a link to the profile in the social network. It simplifies the administrator’s work with segmentation of the database and the personification of the letters.

Can be used for:

  • social registration and authorization button on the site via Facebook;
  • authorization and login to private account via Google;
  • registration through a profile in Twitter;
  • quick access to the capabilities of the site via LinkedIn;
  • registration on the web resource through following the link received by email;
  • synchronize the address database with the mailing list services.

The Wow Login plugin is the functional tool for quick registration and login to the site. Installing the extension will allow the administrator to increase the conversion of the resource by increasing the number of new users. The solution will allow the page visitors to login easily into their account through social networks. It ensures the security of registration for the user and the receiving of up-to-date information for the administrator.

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