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WordPress Support Tickets
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username: user

password: user123

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username: agent

password: agent123

WordPress and WooCommerce Support Ticket Plugin is a comprehensive and complete solution for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. This WordPress ticketing plugin is designed and programmed from the ground up by the ArtemisDev Group, and despite the possibility of designing the desired ticket template, there is no need to worry about the inconsistency or clutter of your WordPress site.


Ability to create an unlimited number of tickets

There are no restrictions on sending tickets to users, and users can send tickets at any time regarding their questions and problems.

Ability to attach files

Users and Agents will be able to attach their desired file in each ticket ٬ all files uploaded in a separate folder in your WordPress upload folder will be uploaded for easier management ٬ and finally overall advanced features in the settings There is a plugin for attaching files.

Send notification email

After sending or replying to the ticket, an email will be sent to the user or site administrator. There are also advanced features in the plugin settings to change texts and email settings.

Ability to design a ticket template without having to change the plugin

One of the great features of the WordPress Support Ticket Plugin is the ability to design and code a ticket template that fits your website template, which means that by copying the template folder from your plugin, you can easily change the ticket template without having to change the Design or customize plugin code.

Ability to define categories, departments, priorities for tickets

You can easily define categories and departments for managing your site’s tickets, and you can also use the definition of prioritization to handle tickets.

Full Compatible with WooCommerce

If you use WooCommerce, the ticketing system will automatically add ticket menus to the WooCommerce user panel. There are also some great features in the plugin settings that users can choose when sending a ticket, or if the manager The site wants to be able to display only the products in the field that the user has purchased.

Dedicated short code

If you have not used the WooCommerce plugin or want to display the support ticket on the tab for any reason, it is possible to display the ticket delivery system for users by inserting the short code of the system.

Advanced search and filter for tickets

In the admin panel, in the list of tickets, there is a box called filter or search that you can easily search in the submitted tickets.

Ability to create custom status for tickets

In addition to the default status for each ticket, you can define your desired status along with the desired color.

Ability to define unlimited support operator

You can create an unlimited support operator or responsible for responding to tickets. It is also possible to assign a ticket to the desired support operator in each ticket.

Settings and personalization

For almost all ticket sections, there are settings for the convenience of working with the plugin so that you can easily customize the WordPress ticket system for your site.

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